Dec 1, 2015

Review: McDonald's - Fried Blueberry Pie

McDonald's Fried Blueberry Pie features their turnover-style pie crust with blueberry filling.

They're offering them here in Southern California and I bought one for 79 cents.

The Fried Blueberry Pie offered the same crispy, crackly crust that you get with all McDonald's fried pies. I especially like the delicate thin crispiness of the bubbles on the crust surface.

Inside, there was a strong blueberry flavor with a surprisingly good amount of fairly large whole blueberries in the filling. I was expecting more burst blueberries mushed up. It wasn't overly sweet.

Overall, I enjoyed McDonald's Fried Blueberry Pie immensely for a well done crispy take on a classic dessert.

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