Jul 19, 2019

Burger King Serves Up New Popcorn Chicken in Canada

Taking a page out of KFC's playbook, Burger King serves up new Popcorn Chicken up north in Canada for a limited time.

The bite-sized chicken features a home-style seasoned breading and comes with a choice of sauce for dipping.

The value-priced item costs $1.99 CAD (~$1.52 US) for 10 pieces and compares favorably price-wise to the chain's chicken nuggets which go for $2.99 for a 10-piece order (compared to $1.49 here in the US).

It should be noted that Burger King offered Popcorn Chicken on a limited-time basis here in the US back in 2012 (as an answer to McDonald's Chicken McBites at the time).

Photo via Burger King Canada.

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