Jul 15, 2019

Review: Popeyes - Parmesan Ranch Double Dippers

Popeyes' Parmesan Ranch Double Dippers features six boneless wings with a double-compartment dipping cup with buttermilk ranch on one side and parmesan crumbles on the other side.

An order included a side and a biscuit and cost me $5.

The boneless wings turned out better than the last time I had them in that they were more cohesive and meatier chunks. Unfortunately, they were also lukewarm. They have the same heat level and flavor as the chain's spicy fried chicken with the same crispy and fairly flaky breading.

The dipping cup was fairly big but only maybe halfway full. I ended up running out of ranch before I finished my chicken.

The ranch was creamy, tangy, and a little herby. It was thick enough to cling to the boneless wings without dripping and picked up the crumbles quite nicely. The crumbles looked a little bit like cereal. They were airy and crumbly with a slightly stale crunch to them. The add a strong parmesan flavor without too much saltiness. The combination of the two paired with the chicken worked out pretty well.

Overall, Popeyes' Parmesan Ranch Double Dippers turned out really well (except for the lukewarm chicken, which usually comes out hot at my local Popeyes...). The concept was fun but not too messy, while the flavors were spot-on and enjoyable.

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