Jul 1, 2019

Skittles Imposters Can Be Unmasked at Walmart

New Skittles Imposters can found exclusively at Walmart this summer although you might have to do a bit of searching.

The limited-edition candy is so-named because the fruity flavors inside do not necessarily match the color of the candy shell. The flavors contained in each bag are: Alter Ego Orange, Cryptic Citrus, Raspberry Ruse, Sneaky Strawberry, and Undercover Apple.

While Skittle Imposters are mentioned on the Walmart website, you can't actually buy or search for them using the website at the time of this writing (although they have been spotted on shelves).

The new variety comes in both 4-oz Share Size and 14-oz Lay Down Bags.

Photo via Skittles.

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