Jul 8, 2019

McDonald's Debuts McChicken Topped with Grilled Zucchini in Italy

McDonald's Italy debuts the new McChicken Delicato, which comes topped with grilled zucchini, as one of two new McChicken variants featuring local ingredients

In addition to the zucchini, the McChicken Delicato also includes Provolone Valpadana DOP (a protected provolone variant made in Italy) and a mayo-based sauce mixed with dried tomatoes from Puglia (an area of Italy best known for producing much of the country's olive oil).

The new sandwich is joined by the McChicken Saporito, which features a mayo mixed with grain mustard served along with Toma cheese, and bacon on a McChicken. It should be noted that the McChicken in Italy (as well as other countries) is more at the premium end of McDonald's menu and comes with a crispy-fried chicken breast filet and sesame bun rather than the formed chicken patty and plain bun that makes up the value-priced version here in the US.

The new new recipes were created in collaboration with GialloZafferano, a popular recipe site over in Italy.

Photo via McDonald's Italy.

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