Jul 23, 2019

Taco Bell Tests Buffalo Chicken Nacho Fries in Memphis, TN

Taco Bell tests new Buffalo Chicken Nachos Fries as a possible topped fries option to serve nationwide in the future.

The limited-time menu item is being tested in the Memphis, TN area and features the same seasoned fries as you'll find in the chain's Nacho Fries topped with shredded chicken, tangy Buffalo sauce, warm nacho cheese sauce, shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream, and pico de gallo.

An order of Buffalo Chicken Nacho Fries goes for $2.99. A burrito version of the same also costs $2.99.

The test is slated to run at participating locations in the Memphis area through mid-August 2019.

Taco Bell also tried testing Buffalo Chicken Nachos last December in Charlotte, NC.

Photo via Taco Bell.

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