Mar 3, 2021

Halo Top Expands by Adding New Fruit Pops

Halo Top expands their "better-for-you" line-up of frozen desserts with the addition of new Fruit Pops.

Featuring a combination of fruit and fruit juice, Halo Top Fruit Pops come in five flavors: Strawberry, Coconut, Lime, Mango, and Pineapple. Depending on the flavor, each bar ranges from 35 to 90 calories each and contains 50 to 65 percent less sugar (5 to 9 grams of sugar in each bar) versus the leading frozen fruit bars.

Halo Top Fruit Pops come in boxes of six 2.5-fl-oz pops for a suggested price of $4.79 per box and can be found at retailers nationwide. Halo Tops offers an online product locator on their website in case you need help finding the new frozen dessert.

Photo via Halo Top.

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