Mar 1, 2021

PepsiCo Releases New Neon Zebra Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Mixers

PepsiCo enters the cocktail mixer category with the release of a new line of non-alcoholic cocktail mixers under the Neon Zebra name.

Neon Zebra comes in 7.5-oz mini-can and feature fruit juice (5 percent per can) and no artificial sweeteners (they're sweetened with cane sugar). The mixers come in four flavors at launch:

- Margarita Mix
- Strawberry Daiquiri Mix
- Mojito Mix
- Whiskey Sour Mix

Neon Zebra is rolling out this month nationwide to retailers as well as online. The suggested price rangs from $6.99 to $7.99 for six 7.5-fl oz cans.

One of the trademarked taglines for the new brand is "Wildly Easy to Mix."

Photo via PepsiCo.

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