Apr 3, 2021

2021 April Fools' Day Jokes Round-Up

Photo via Auntie Anne's.
April Fools' Day 2021 saw a number of pranks/jokes for some of the most well-known food brands. Some were a bit cringey, some would be a serious blow to fans if true, while others would be the exact opposite.

Here's a list of this year's April Fools' Day jokes:

 - Auntie Anne's introduced the new Pineapple Pretzel.

Photo via Burger King.

- Burger King decided to put a number of menu items between two slices of sourdough bread including, French fries, chocolate chip cookies, chicken nuggets, onion rings, and mozzarella sticks as April 1st was also National Sourdough Day apparently. While you couldn't actually get a chocolate chip cookie sandwich on sourdough, they were letting you get any sandwich on the menu with sourdough bread instead of the usual bun at participating locations.

Photo via Carl's Jr.

- Carl's Jr. said that, thanks to an inquiry by Sarah Silverman (and other customers), they would be changing their name to "Carl Jr.'s"

Photo via Carvel.

- Carvel revealed that they'd be offering their signature Crunchies (chocolate cookie pieces coated with a chocolate bonnet shell) as a breakfast cereal available in grocery stores nationwide starting April 16, 2021. While that's not true, they are actually offering limited-edition individual boxes of Crunchies Cereal at participating Carvel shops and via food delivery platforms from April 16 through 18, 2021. Unfortunately, each location will only be giving out 150 boxes.

Photo via Chili's.

- Chili's unveiled a new take on their Molten Chocolate Cake with gummi bears and more.

Photo via Cup Noodles.

- Cup Noodles announced that they'd go back to being Cup O' Noodles (which was their name when they first launched in the US--they changed it to "Cup Noodles" in 1993). Personally, Cup O' Noodles makes a lot more sense than Cup Noodles.

Photo via Culver's.

- Would you try a Curderburger from Culver's? If it existed, it would be a burger patty-sized fried cheese curd on a bun.

Photo via Green Giant.

Green Giant partnered with Peeps for Cauliflower-flavored marshmallows.

Jack in the Box declared on social media that they were discontinuing the Sourdough Jack.

Photo via Jimmy John's.

- Jimmy John's showed up with a Sonic co-branded Sandwich Slush.

Photo via King's Hawaiian.

- King's Hawaiian teased a Fresh Baked Roll-scented candle. Given how many brands have actually put out candles scented like their food and how great the smell of fresh-baked bread is, it was a pretty plausible prank.

Photo via McAlister's Deli.

- McAlister's Deli revealed that Sweet Tea Ice Cream would be coming soon.

Photo via Pizza Hut.

- Behold! Hutopia from Pizza Hut.

Photo via Outback Steakhouse.

- Outback Steakhouse's revealed their Lipsteak collection (as in steak-colored lipstick).

Photo via TGI Fridays.

- TGI Fridays announced that their CEO would step down immediately to join the circus. The joke actually tied in quite nicely to their current Under the Big Top menu.

Uno Pizzeria & Grill announced that they will be removing artisan deep dish pizzas from the menu at all restaurant locations. What's not a joke is the buy one, get one deep dish pizza takeout deal at select UNO Pizzeria & Grill locations from April 3rd through April 5th, 2021.

Photo via Whataburger.

- Whataburger revealed that their next location would be on the moon. Sounds familiar.

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