Apr 6, 2016

2016 Fast Food April Fools Jokes - International Edition

Because the April Fools spirit can be found all over the place, here are some of the top fast food April Fools jokes from around the world:

Over in the UK, McDonald's joked that they were opening a new location on the Moon starting next year.

Also in the UK, Pizza Hut introduced new Pizza Hut Breads:

The joke product featured three flavors: Classic Crust Pepperoni Feast, Stuffed Crust Meat Feast, and Gluten Free Vegetable Supreme.

The idea here was they took all the ingredients and toppings of a few of their regular pizzas and kneaded them together and baking them as bread. Here's a video of the concept:

Pizza Hut Canada floated a similar faux concept with Pan Donuts--a pizza-donut fusion:

Domino's UK tried to convince us that they were testing letting customers make their own pizzas... remotely... via robot... Without further ado, the Domimaker:

In France, Burger King gussied up their French fries or rather French fry for new Single Fries:

Not to be outdone, McDonald's Japan offered up a similar concept with XXXS Fries:

That's it for this year's fast food April Fools' jokes. Let me know if you have a favorite below! And, if you missed it, don't forget to check out my round up of this year's fast food April Fools' Jokes here in the U.S.

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