May 2, 2022

Dutch Bros Pours New High Dive Rebel Drink

Dutch Bros welcomes summer 2022 by introducing the new High Dive Rebel drink and bringing back their Campout Cold Brew.

The High Dive Rebel is an energy drink mixed with peach, pomegranate and Tropical Fruit (a blend of passion fruit, guava, orange and pineapple). You can also get an non-caffeinated version made with lemonade. Both versions are available over ice or blended with ice (i.e. "iced" or "blended").

Dutch Bros' Campout Cold Brew features cold brew coffee mixed with chocolate milk and toasted marshmallow flavor, topped with the chain's signature Soft Top and a chocolate drizzle.

Both drinks are available for a limited time now through the end of summer 2022.

Photo via Dutch Bros Coffee.

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