Jun 3, 2022

Totino's Unveils New FaZe Clan Buffalo Chicken Pizza Rolls

Totino's partners with FaZe Clan, a professional esports and entertainment group, to unveil new Totino’s FaZe Clan Buffalo Style Chicken Pizza Rolls, which arrive in stores nationwide starting in July 2022.

According to Totino's, the new flavor is "one of fans’ top-requested Totino’s Pizza Roll flavors" and features white meat chicken and aged cayenne hot sauce inside of a golden crust.

While the new flavor may be a "top-requested" flavor, Totino's once offered something similar in "Buffalo-Style Chicken Rolls" made with Frank's RedHot back in 2014.

It should cost somewhere in the range of $4 to $7 (varying by locations and supermarket) for a 50-count 24.46-oz bag.

Photo via Totino's.

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