Oct 9, 2022

Crumbl Bakes Pink Donut Cookies and More Through October 15, 2022

Crumbl serves up Pink Donut Cookies and more for their limited-time cookie menu for the week ending October 15, 2022.

Here's what you can expect to find at Crumbl this week:

- Pink Donut Cookie - A soft vanilla cookie, with a hole like a donut, topped with pink glaze and rainbow sprinkles.

- Pink Velvet Cake Cookie - A soft pink sugar cookie topped with cream cheese frosting and pink velvet cookie crumbs.

- Raspberry Lemonade Cookie - A lemon cookie topped with a swirl of raspberry and lemon frostings and house-made raspberry jam.

- Cake Batter Blondie Cookie -  A cake batter blondie cookie with white confectionary drops topped with a mix of pink and white sprinkles.

- Classic Pink Sugar Cookie - A vanilla sugar cookie topped with pink-colored, almond frosting. 

- Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie - A cookie with milk chocolate chips.

Photo via Crumbl Cookies.

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