Oct 10, 2022

Salt and Straw's Ice Scream Series Returns for Halloween 2022

Salt & Straw's Ice Scream Series, a limited-time selection of themed ice cream flavors, is back for the 2022 Halloween season.

The seasonal menu is available both online and at Salt & Straw scoop shops throughout the month of October and includes the following:

- The Great Candycopia - Milk chocolate-covered crispy feuilletine, chocolate-covered peanut butter, and almonds covered in Bourbon vanilla toffee (a house-made take on Kit Kats, Reeses, Snickers, Heath bars) folded in salted butterscotch ice cream.

- Don Bugito’s Creepy Crawly Critters - Matcha ice cream with toffee-brittle mealworms and chocolate crickets.

- Jack o' Lantern Pumpkin Bread - Pumpkin bread pieces and whipped cream cheese frosting in a pumpkin spiced ice cream.

- Black Cat Licorice & Lavender - Anise and fennel caramel with salted lavender ice cream.

- Double Bubble Toil & Trouble (vegan) - "Two spices and three fruits" combined in frozen coconut cream for a bubble gum ice cream flavor.

Photo via Salt and Straw.

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