Feb 13, 2023

Conagra Introduces New Duncan Hines Epic Cinnabon Muffin Kit and More

Conagra partners with Cinnabon to introduce new Duncan Hines Epic Cinnabon Muffin Kit as well as a number of other Cinnabon-flavored products.

Duncan Hines Epic Cinnabon Muffin Kit is the latest addition to the Duncan Hines Epic line and results in muffins filled with cinnamon sugar from Cinnabon and topped with streusel and cream cheese icing.

Other new Cinnabon-themed items from Conagra include:

- Mrs. Butterworth's Epic Cinnabon Pancake Kit - Mrs. Butterworth's Cinnamon Roll pancake mix, cream-cheese-flavored icing, and cinnamon-and-brown sugar flavored swirl.

- Mrs. Butterworth's Cinnabon Syrup - A breakfast syrup with a Cinnabon-cinnamon-roll flavor.

- Snack Pack Cinnabon - A layered pudding snack cup with a top layer of thick cream-cheese-frosting-flavored pudding and a bottom layer of Cinnabon-cinnamon-roll-flavored pudding..

ConAgra also puts out a number of other new, snackable products including:

- Snack Pack Fruity Pebbles - Blue-and-yellow pudding cups with the flavor of Fruity Pebbles cereal.

- Snack Pack Ice Cream Sandwich Pudding - Ice-cream-sandwich-flavored pudding cups made with three types of premium, imported cocoa.

- Snack Pack Starburst All Pink Juicy Gels - Strawberry-flavored Starburst gel cups.

- David Frank's RedHot Jumbo Sunflower Seeds - Sunflower seeds with the flavor of Frank's RedHot.

Photo via Conagra.

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