Feb 8, 2023

Review: KFC Wraps

KFC Wraps feature an Extra Crispy Tender, mayo, and pickles wrapped up in a soft flour tortilla. They come in two varieties: Spicy Slaw and Classic.

I bought one of each variety at two for $5 (they also offered just one for $3).

The Spicy Slaw KFC Wraps switches out the regular mayo of the Classic for a spicy mayo-based sauce and throws in coleslaw for good measure.

There aren't any surprises here as the KFC Wraps basically take the same general components of the KFC Classic Sandwich (do two tenders equal one Extra Crispy filet?) and serves them wrapped up in a flour tortilla instead of on a bun. The most notable addition is just the coleslaw on the Spicy Slaw version.

My particular wraps were pretty well made. The chicken was warm and moist on the inside and crispy and flaky as far as the crust went. One tender was noticeably thicker than the other and made for better eating.

The tortillas were more lukewarm than warm but it was soft and pliable without any dryness or cracking. For the most part, they were similar to what you get out of a bag of packaged flour tortillas, which is to say they were fairly uniform in thickness and texture with a neutral flavor accompanied by the smell of uncooked flour. They were wrapped fairly tightly around each tender. Toasting it would have probably gotten rid of the light flour smell and added an extra layer of texture and taste.

The mayo was a bit heavy on the Classic KFC Wrap on this occasional but not so much that it was covering up the other flavors. The spicy sauce on the Spicy Slaw KFC Wrap added a moderate heat but otherwise tasted like mayo. The pickles added a moderate tanginess and nice crunch.

The coleslaw in the Spicy Slaw KFC Wrap was good for a welcomed bit of creamy sweetness and some extra crunch. It wasn't plentiful but there was enough.

Overall, KFC Wraps were nice enough but I'm not sure why you'd get them over the meatier KFC Classic Sandwich for the around the same price (the sandwich is $5.49 near me and fried-to-order according to my local KFC).

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