Feb 23, 2023

New Apple Jacks Pop-Tarts Arriving March 2023

Kellogg's combines two of their brands, Apple Jacks and Pop-Tarts, in new Apple Jacks Frosted Apple Cinnamon Flavor Pop-Tarts, which are set to arrive starting March 2023.

The new Apple Jacks Pop-Tarts feature the cinnamon-apple flavor of Apple Jacks to the filling, frosting, and crust of a Pop-Tart toaster pastry. To continue the theme, the frosting is green with orange sprinkles.

According to Kellogg's, the collaboration makes sense as "over 50 percent of Apple Jacks households also [purchase] Pop-Tarts." Kellogg's previous partnered their Eggo brand and Pop-Tarts for Eggo Frosted Maple Pop-Tarts back in 2021.

New Apple Jack Pop-Tarts start rolling out at retailers starting next month with nationwide availability slated in April 2023. You'll be able to find them in an 8-count box for a suggested price of $3.84. Additionally, Walmart gets an exclusive 16-count box with a suggested price of $5.02.

Photo via Pop-Tarts.

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