Feb 28, 2023

McDonald's France Rolls Out New, Reusable Tableware for Dining In

McDonald's France roll outs new, reusable tableware for dining-in, including a reusable fry container that resembles their signature red fry holder.

The new tableware includes cups, containers, bowls, and cutlery for salads, nuggets, frozen desserts, drinks, and fries. Additionally burgers and wraps now come served wrapped in recyclable food paper rather than cardboard boxes.

The trash receptacles now include a section for dirty tableware to be collected so that they can be washed and reused

Would this work in the US? Probably not. While some European countries (where 70% of sales occurred in-restaurant pre-pandemic) are more prone to dining-in at McDonald's, here in the US, McDonald's does most of its business at the drive-thru (basically a reverse of Europe with 70% of sales happening at the drive-thru pre-pandemic) and they're further exploring more drive-thru-centric locations.

Photos via McDonald's France.

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