Feb 17, 2023

Kraft Singles Now in New Ultra Thick and Extra Thin Varieties

Kraft adds new thick and thin slices of their signature American cheese. They're calling the new slices, Kraft Singles Ultra Thick and Kraft Singles Extra Thin.

While it's common enough to find harder cheeses like cheddar, Swiss, and provolone in varying thicknesses, that's not really the case for American cheese. According to the Kraft, Kraft Singles is "the first American cheese slice to come out with slice thickness varieties."

The reasoning behind the new thick and thin slices is to help with "the struggle of finding the optimum slice size for cheese." The thin slices are meant for things like "breakfast sandwiches, eggs, burgers, and more" while the thick slices are good for "grilled cheese, nachos, cheese fries, quesadillas, and mac & cheese."

Kraft Extra Thin feature 30% fewer calories per slice (40 calories per slice) versus Original Kraft Singles and come 30 slices per pack versus 24 for Original Kraft Singles.

Kraft Ultra Thick feature 50% thicker slices (80 calories per slice) versus Original Kraft Singles and come 16 slices per pack.

Both American cheese slice varieties are rolling out to retailers nationwide starting this week.

Photo via Kraft.

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