Apr 3, 2023

A Look at Krispy Kreme's 2023 Spring Minis

Krispy Kreme's 2023 Spring Minis feature four mini, spring-themed donuts inspired by seasonal flavors and "adorable baby critters."

A box of 16 mini donuts costs $19.99 but I received this box courtesy of Krispy Kreme. In addition to three of each of the spring donuts, the box includes three Mini Original Glazed Donuts.

The Spring Minis don't offer anything new in terms of flavor but instead offer cute spring designs made with various forms of sugar.

The new Mini Bouncing Bunny Donut is a Mini Original Glazed Donut dipped in green icing and topped with a dollop of vanilla-flavored buttercreme frosting and two bunny-feet sugar pieces. It basically looks like a bunny jumping down a hole/burrow in the grass.

The new Mini Diving Duck Donut is basically a duck version of the bunny donut. It consists of a Mini Original Glazed Donut dipped in blue icing and topped with a sprinkle of white nonpareils, a dollop of yellow buttercreme frosting, and two orange buttercreme duck feet. I think it's meant to be a duck diving in the water with the white nonpareils serving as little waves in the water.

The new Mini Daffodil Donut features a Mini Original Glazed Donut dipped in yellow icing and yellow sanding sugar, topped with a dollop of orange buttercreme frosting and a yellow icing flower. It makes for a reasonable, if flattened, facsimile of a daffodil.

The Mini Chocolate Iced with Spring Sprinkles Donut is just a mini version of Krispy Kreme's Chocolate Iced Donut with Sprinkles; only with pastel sprinkles for the spring. It's probably the least sweet of the four donuts and is the only one with chocolate as well.

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