Apr 4, 2023

Torani Introduces New Kettle Corn Syrup

Torani introduces new Kettle Corn Syrup as the latest addition to their line of over 150 syrups and sauces.

Torani describes the new Kettle Corn Syrup as "captur[ing] the flavor of freshly popped corn combined with sweet and salty notes. It even has a subtle hint of hot oil flavor that's part of the classic kettle corn experience, and a cooked Maillard note that adds a distinctive browned aspect to this starchy, salty, and sweet flavor."

The idea here is that a good number of people are familiar and enjoy the taste of kettlecorn but have "probably have not tried it in a beverage." Torani suggests it as a good fit for those who "enjoy caramel or vanilla with a hint of salt in their coffee drink."

A 750mL bottle of Torani Kettle Corn Syrup retails for $10.19 and can be ordered from the Torani website.

Photo via Torani.

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