Aug 4, 2023

Original Italian Chicken Sandwich Returns to Burger King

Burger King Italian Original Chicken Sandwich
The Italian Original Chicken Sandwich makes a limited-time return to the Burger King menu at participating restaurants.

A variant of BK's Original Chicken Sandwich, the Italian Original Chicken Sandwich features a long breaded, crispy-fried, white-meat chicken patty topped with mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce on a toasted sesame seed roll.

The addition is a pretty easy lift for Burger King as it uses the same marinara and mozzarella cheese as the Italian BK Royal Crispy Chicken sandwich that's been on the menu since last fall.

Prices vary with location but it costs $5.29 near me (versus $6.09 for the Italain BK Royal Crispy Chicken sandwich).

Photo via Burger King.

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