May 20, 2024

Jimmy John's Introduces New Firecracker Wrap and More

Jimmy John's new Firecracker Wrap, Firecracker potato chips, and Confetti Cookie Sandwich.
Jimmy John's introduces the new Firecracker Wrap, which features new Firecracker Jimmy Chips for crunch and extra flavor, as a limited-time menu item for the summer. The sandwich chain also adds a new dessert: the Confetti Cookie Sandwich.

The new Firecracker Wrap features salami, turkey, spicy ghost pepper cheese, garlic aioli, Jimmy peppers, and new Firecracker Jimmy Chips, rolled up in a bright red jalapeño tortilla.

Firecracker Jimmy Chips are potato chips dusted with a red, ghost pepper-flavored seasoning. In addition to being featured in the Firecracker Wrap, they're also available for purchase by the bag.

The new Confetti Cookie Sandwich consists of two sugar cookies made with red, white, and blue sprinkles, sandwiching a layer of buttercream frosting. According to Jimmy John's the sweetness of the new dessert balances the heat of Firecracker Jimmy Chips.

You can find all three items at Jimmy John's locations nationwide for a limited time, while supplies last.

Photo via Jimmy John's.

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