May 15, 2024

Review: Popeyes - Golden BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Side view of Popeyes' Golden BBQ Chicken Sandwich.

Popeyes' Golden BBQ Chicken Sandwich features a new Golden BBQ Sauce, a buttermilk-battered crispy-fried chicken breast, and barrel-cured pickles, served on a buttery-toasted brioche bun.

I went and bought the sandwich for $5.49.

The Goldne BBQ Chicken Sandwich is basically the chain's regular Chicken Sandwich but with the new Golden BBQ Sauce instead of mayo.

Inside Popeyes' Golden BBQ Chicken Sandwich.

The new sauce is a sweet and tangy BBQ honey mustard sauce that comes spread on both the top and bottom bun of the new sandwich. It's a fairly mild sauce with a mellow mustard base and a moderate tang fleshed out by a light sweeteness and just a hint of smoke. It's nice enough but not terribly exciting.

Beyond the Golden BBQ Sauce, the chicken was thick with a respectable meaty bite but was just a tad dry (I think it had been sitting on the warmer for a bit). It had a crispy, flaky, lightly-seasoned crust.

The pickles were fresher than your typical fast-food pickle and offered up a nice, watery crunch, while the bun was soft and airy with a slight richness to it.

Cross-section of Popeyes' Golden BBQ Chicken Sandwich.

When it comes down to it, Popeyes Golden BBQ Chicken Sandwich was not markedly different from the chain's regular Chicken Sandwich. That's to say it was well-made and enjoyable to eat but, given its relative mildness, the new sauce didn't make much waves in terms of flavor.

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