May 8, 2024

Review: Raising Cane's - Secret Menu Texas Toast "Butter on Both Sides"

Raising Cane's Texas Toast with butter on both sides.

Raising Cane's is one of those fast-food chains that actually has a secret menu that's keyed into its point-of-sales system. One of the items you can order is an extra buttery version of its Texas Toast. You can get it by asking for "Texas Toast with butter on both sides" (some call it "Texas Toast B.O.B."). It rang up as "Butter Both Side" on my receipt.

Raising Cane's Texas Toast with butter on both sides consists of a piece of sesame-seeded bread brushed with butter and garlic on both sides and grilled on both sides.

I got the toast as part of a Box Combo ($11.59) and there was no additional charge for the extra butter.

The thick slice of toast sported two delicately crispy sides. It both smelled and tasted super buttery. The garlic flavor was fairly light. Inside was the same super soft, squishy crumb of the chain's regular Texas toast. The contrast between the crust and crumb was very satisfying.

However, Raising Cane's Texas Toast is already pretty salty and the "butter on both sides" version pushes it into the "too salty" territory.

Cross-section of Raising Cane's Texas Toast with butter on both sides.

Still, the extra buttery Texas Toast from Raising Cane's secret menu is definitely worth trying for any fan of buttered toast.

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