May 24, 2024

McDonald's Launches New 1955 Burger Snack Wraps in South Korea

McDonald's 1955 Snack Wraps.
If you still miss McDonald's Angus Snack Wraps, you might want to visit South Korea, where the fast-food chain recently launched new 1955 Snack Wraps. The 1955 Snack Wrap features a beef patty, caramelized onions, a special smoky 1955 sauce, and lettuce, wrapped up in a flour tortilla.

The new 1955 Snack Wrap is inspired by the 1955 Burger. The 1955 Burger is meant to embody the "taste of 1955, when McDonald's was first established." It's pared back a bit though as the burger version includes a quarter-pound beef patty, special 1955 sauce, ketchup, caramelized onions, bacon, lettuce, and tomato, on a toasted sesame seed bun.

It should be noted that 1955 was when Ray Kroc first opened his first franchised McDonald's restaurant but the very first McDonald's restaurant was opened in 1940 by the McDonald brothers.

Photo via McDonald's South Korea.

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