May 22, 2024

Strawberry Fields Salad and Lemon Ice Return to Culver's

Culver's Strawberry Fields Salad.
The Strawberry Fields Salad and Lemon Ice make their seasonal return to the Culver's menu for summer 2024.

Culver's Strawberry Fields Salad features mixed greens, grilled chicken, grape tomatoes, strawberries, and blue cheese crumbles, topped with lightly-salted pecans. It comes with a dressing of your choice.

Available on its own or as part of a Cooler or Smoothie, Culver's Lemon Ice is an Italian ice-inspired frozen dessert that features slowly frozen lemonade. The Cooler sees it mixed with a choice of fruit topping(s), while the Smoothie sees Lemon Ice blended with the fast-food chain's signature vanilla frozen custard.

Both the Strawberry Fields Salad and Lemon Ice are available now for a limited time.

Photo via Culver's.

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