May 15, 2024

Oreo Unveils New Star Wars Oreo Cookies

The packaging for new Star Wars Oreo Cookies.
Oreo partners with Lucasfilm to release new Special Edition Star Wars Oreo Cookies. The new cookies feature light and dark side versions but you won't know whick you've gotten until you open up the package.

The light side Oreo cookies feature a set of 10 different embossments corresponding with various light side Star Wars characters on each chocolate wafer. The creme filling is blue and mixed with "kyber" (sugar) crystals. A kyber crystal is an integral part of a lightsaber.

Likewise, dark side Oreo cookies come with their own set of 10 embossments featuring various dark side Star Wars characters and sandwich a red creme filling mixed with "kyber crystals".

You can see each of the different embossments in the picture below:

All 20 designs of Star Wars Oreo Cookies.

The new Special Edition Star Wars Oreo Cookies go on presale on the Oreo website starting May 30, 2024. They're starting to arrive at retailers nationwide for a limited time, while supplies last, starting June 10, 2024.

Photos via Oreo.

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