May 29, 2024

Little Caesars Bakes New Mac & Cheese Crazy Puffs in Canada

Little Caesar's KD Mac & Cheese Crazy Puffs.
Little Caesars adds new Mac & Cheese Crazy Puffs as a limited-time menu item in Canada.

The new Crazy Puffs flavor features four cups of pizza dough filled with KD Mac & Cheese ("Kraft Mac & Cheese" here in the US; KD stands for "Kraft Dinner") and topped with shredded cheese and a sprinkle of KD cheese seasoning.

Crazy Puffs are also available in Pepperoni and 3 Cheese & Herb varieties.

While Crazy Puffs are available in the US, they were first launched in Canada which opens up the possibility that we might see Mac & Cheese Crazy Puffs here someday.

Photo via Little Caesars Canada.

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