Jun 17, 2024

Cava Adds New Grilled Steak

Cava's Steak + Feta Pita.
Mediterranean build-a-bowl fast-casual chain Cava adds new Grilled Steak to the menu as a protein option at locations across the US.

Cava's Grilled Steak features grass-fed, pasture-raised steak seasoned with Mediterranean spices such as sun-dried tomato powder and smoky Aleppo pepper and then grilled.

While the new Grilled Steak can be added to any custom order, it is featured in two curated menu items: the Steak Mezze Salad and Steak + Feta Pita.

The Steak Mezze Salad includes Grilled Steak, crumbled feta, fire-roasted corn, tzatziki, red pepper hummus, pickled onions, arugula, baby spinach, garlic dressing, and Greek vinaigrette. 

The Steak + Feta Pita (pictured) consists of Grilled Steak, Crazy Feta (feta whipped with jalapeño, onions, and olive oil), feta, red pepper hummus, pickles, garlic dressing, Greek vinaigrette, and romaine wrapped in a pita.

In addition to the new Grilled Steak this summer, Cava continues to offer the Spicy Greens Bowl and Strawberry Citrus juice for the season.

Photo via Cava.

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