Jun 24, 2024

Little Caesars Tests New Four-N-One Stix

Little Caesars' Four-N-One-Stix with Crazy Sauce.
Little Caesars has been spotted testing new Four-N-One Stix at participating locations in the Nashville, TN area.

Four-N-One Stix features a large round pizza crust cut into 16 cheese sticks ("Stix"). Each quarter of the crust is topped differently so that you get 4 cheese Stix, 4 pepperoni Stix, 4 jalapeno Stix, and 4 bacon Stix. Crazy Sauce (AKA marinara sauce) is included for dipping.

In terms of flavor, Four-N-One Stix shouldn't be too different from the cheese stick portion of Little Caesars' Slices-N-Stix.

The price for Little Caesars Four-N-One Stix comes out to $7.99.

The concept is similar to the Four-N-One Pizza that Little Caesars was testing last year.

Update 6/25/24 - The test runs through June 30, 2024 and is also running at participating locations in the San Diego area.

Photo via Little Caesars.

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