Jun 28, 2024

Watermelon Gushers are Back in Stores

Boxes of Watermelon Gushers.
Watermelon Gushers have found their way back onto store shelves this summer for the first time in over a decade after being discontinued back in 2013 (they were first introduced in 1997).

In a twist, the watermelon-flavored, liquid-filled fruit snacks are paired with new Sour Apple Gushers in each pouch. They are meant to be a permanent part of the Gushers product line.

Watermelon and Sour Apple Gushers are currently rolling out to grocery retailers across the country for a suggested price of $4.69 for a 6-count box and $10.29 for a 20-count box. You can also find them on Amazon at $4.09 for a 6-count box (affiliate disclosure - I may earn a commission if you buy something through this link).

In addition to the new Gushers, General Mills also introduces new Jamba Fruit Flavored Snacks in two smoothie-inspired flavors: Mango-A-Go-Go and Strawberry Surf Rider. You can find them in a 16-count box for a suggested price of $7.99 at retailers across the US. They're also available on Amazon at $7.02 (I may earn a commission if you buy something through this link).

Photo via General Mills.

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