Jun 13, 2024

White Castle Launches New Smoky BBQ Chicken Rings

White Castle's Smoky BBQ, Hidden Valley Ranch, and Classic Chicken Rings.
White Castle expands its selection of crispy-fried Chicken Rings this summer with the launch of new Smoky BBQ Chicken Rings and the return of Hidden Valley Ranch Chicken Rings.

New Smoky BBQ Chicken Rings feature lightly-breaded and fried white-meat rings of chicken dusted with a sweet and spicy BBQ seasoning. 

Hidden Valley Ranch Chicken Rings takes the same Chicken Rings and dusts them with Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning, which offers a tangy blend of garlic, chive, and a hint of buttermilk.

White Castle also offers Classic Chicken Rings on a permanent basis.

All three varieties of White Castle Chicken Rings are priced at 12 for $3.99 at participating location chain-wide.

Photo via White Castle.

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