Jun 24, 2024

McDonald's Debuts New Tzatziki and Ramen-Seasoned Fries in Canada

McDonald's Canada's Tzatziki and Ramen McShaker Fries.
McDonald's Canada welcomes a second round of McShaker Fries featuring French fries shaken with the flavors of tzatziki and ramen.

Tzatziki McShaker Fries feature a Mediterranean-inspired seasoning packet with the flavors of garlic, tangy dill, and mint. They're called "McShakers" because you pour the seasoning into a bag of fries and then shake the bag to coat the fries.

Ramen McShaker Fries offer a seasoning packet with the flavors of miso, soy, sesame, cayenne pepper, and chili to go with your bag of fries.

The new flavors join the Churros McShaker Fries and Masala McShaker Fries that were introduced in May.

All four flavors can be found at participating McDonald's restaurants across Canada for a limited time.

McShaker Fries were first introduced in 2005 in Hong Kong but has since made the rounds in several countries (but not yet here in the US).

Photo via McDonald's Canada.

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