Jun 17, 2024

F'real Launches New Mystery Milkshake

Blend-it-yourself shake and smoothie brand F'real launches a new Mystery Flavor Milkshake this summer.

According to F'real, the new, limited-time mystery flavor offers a "fruity and familiar flavor that celebrates the heyday of summers past and present."

You can find the new milkshake flavor at select retailers nationwide, including Sheetz, Kwik Trip, Royal Farms, Quickchek, and more. The suggested price for a 12-ounce F'real milkshake is $3.99.

If you've never seen a F'real milkshake, the way it works is: 

  • You grab one of the sealed milkshakes from the freezer and unseal it.
  • Place the cup in the holder of the automated blender and select the desired thickness. It takes about a minute to blend your shake.

Photo via F'real.

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