Jun 15, 2024

Mountain Dew Releases Three New Red, White, and Blue Flavors for Summer 2024

Mountain Dew's Red, White & Blue flavors for summer 2024.
Mountain Dew introduces three new, limited-time Mtn Dew Red, White & Blue flavors for summer 2024. The new flavors include:

  • Mtn Dew Star Spangled Splash - Red "Dew with a blast of red berry flavors."
  • Mtn Dew Freedom Fusion - A frosty white "Dew with a blast of lemonade and white peach flavors."
  • Mtn Dew Liberty Chill - A midnight blue soda with "50 flavors in one Dew., " which apparently tastes like berries.

You can find the new seasonal flavors now for a limited time in 20-oz bottles and 12-oz cans at grocery retailers and convenience stores nationwide.

As a promotion to welcome the summer, Mountain Dew is holding the brand's first-ever Mtn Dew Cooler Quest. The Mtn Dew Cooler Quest is a one-day outdoor search for 50 hidden insulated backpack coolers--each filled with the new soda flavors and a $250 gift card. The event kicks off on Thursday, June 20, 2024 at 12PM ET when Mountain Dew will be releasing the GPS coordinates of the 10 outdoor locations across the country where the coolers are hidden. Each location will have five coolers to find. You can find more details here.

Photo via Mountain Dew.

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