Jun 20, 2024

Wendy's Honey BBQ Saucy Nuggs Versus Chicken Nuggets with BBQ Sauce

Wendy's Honey BBQ Saucy Nuggs next to a quarter and order of regular chicken nuggets.

I compared Wendy's new Honey BBQ Saucy Nuggs (chicken nuggets tossed in Honey BBQ Sauce) with the fast-food chain's regular chicken nuggets dipped in BBQ Sauce to see which was better.

A 6-piece order of Honey BBQ Saucy Nuggs was $3.69, while a 4-piece order of chicken nuggets was $1 with a coupon (it's normally $2.49 while a 6-piece order is $2.99)

Even though I ate them at the restaurant, the Honey BBQ Saucy Nuggs were already soggy and soft from the Honey BBQ Sauce. Since they weren't sauced, the regular chicken nuggets were crispy enough. Since they're the same nuggets, both sported a lightly breaded exterior and a slightly spongy, juicy interior.

Cross-section of a Wendy's Honey BBQ Saucy Nugg.

As for the two barbecue sauces, Wendy's regular BBQ Sauce had a slightly lighter hue than the Honey BBQ Sauce. Both had a similar consistency.

In terms of flavor, both were sweet and smoky with a tomato base. The regular BBQ Sauce had a bit more complexity to it with a brown sugar sweetness and a subtle heat. The Honey BBQ Sauce was the tangier of the two and offered a honeyed sweetness. Between the two, I enjoyed the extra nuances of the BBQ Sauce as flavor fatigue set in faster with the Honey BBQ Sauce.

A Wendy's Honey BBQ Saucy Nugg next to a regular chicken nugget dipped in BBQ Sauce.

As for which is better, I'd go for Wendy's regular chicken nuggets with BBQ Sauce over the Honey BBQ Saucy Nuggs. The regular chicken nuggets offered a superior taste, texture, and price. The Honey BBQ Saucy Nuggs could have been better (and more interesting as it's rarer) if they went with an oil/fat-based sauce to keep the nuggets crispier.

Nutritional Info - Wendy's BBQ Saucy Nuggs - 6 pieces
Calories - 330
Fat - 17g (Saturated Fat - 3.5g)
Sodium - 810mg
Carbs - 29g (Sugar - 14g)
Protein - 15g

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