Jun 10, 2024

KFC Australia Serves Up New Waffle Double

KFC Australia's Waffle Double
Having already offered a sandwich with fried chicken as the bun with the Double Down, KFC goes all the way with the launch of the new Waffle Double in Australia. The new sandwich sees fried chicken sandwiching a waffle (bread).

The Waffle Double is a limited-time menu item that features two Original Crispy chicken filets sandwich a Belgian waffle, bacon, and smoky maple mayo. The Original Crispy filet is a double-breaded, extra crispy filet.

But while it's new in Australia, KFC actually introduced a similar sandwich, the Waffle Double Down, in Canada back in 2018. It was also introduced in Singapore and New Zealand in 2020.

Here in the US, KFC once introduced a Chicken and Waffles Sandwichonce introduced a Chicken and Waffles Sandwich (two waffles sandwiching a crispy chicken filet) but has yet to offer the reverse.

Photo via KFC Australia.

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