Jun 8, 2024

McDonald's Debuts New Feisty McSpicy Chicken Sandwich in Australia

McDonald's Feisty McSpicy chicken sandwich.
If you happen to be the sort who likes names that rhyme, you might be happy to learn that McDonald's has launched the new Feisty McSpicy chicken sandwich in Australia.

The new, limited-time chicken sandwich features a spicy, crispy-fried, chicken served with lettuce, mayo, and new Feisty Hot sauce on a toasted sesame seed bun. A Double Feisty McSpicy, with double the chicken, is also available. You can also opt to get it with cheese and bacon.

The Feisty McSpicy is a spicier variant of McDonald's Australia's permanent menu item--the McSpicy (which is the Feisty McSpicy minus the new Feisty Hot sauce).

The new sandwich is part of a limited-time spicy menu that also includes Spicy Shaker Fries (fries with Spicy seasoning) and Spicy Chicken McNuggets.

Photo via McDonald's Australia.

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