Jun 11, 2024

Review: Jollibee - Original Chicken Sandwich

Side view of Jollibee's Original Chicken Sandwich.

Jollibee's Original Chicken Sandwich features a hand-breaded chicken breast filet and umami mayo served on a toasted brioche bun.

I bought one for $5.99.

The filet was juicy, tender, and lightly seasoned. It sported a thin, crackly shell.

Jollibee's Original Chicken Sandwich opened up next to a quarter.

The umami mayo was savory and slightly sweet. It reminded me of Japanese mayo.

The brioche bun was just okay. It was soft and slightly rich but a little chewy.

Cross-section of Jollibee's Original Chicken Sandwich.

With very few parts, Jollibee's Chicken Sandwich was simple but well-made. However, it wants some acidity to cut through and balance out the savory elements. Some sort of pickle or tangy sauce would do the trick.

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