Jun 27, 2024

New Hidden Valley Ranch-Flavored Cheez-It Coming in July 2024

A box of Hidden Valley Ranch Cheez-It crackers.
Cheez-It partners with Hidden Valley Ranch to release new Cheez-It x Hidden Valley Ranch Crackers.

Citing inspiration and demand from fans creating ranch-flavored Cheez-It cracker recipes on their own, the new flavor features the baked cheddar crunch of Cheez-It crackers with the "bold, zesty taste of Hidden Valley Ranch."

The new crackers are set to arrive at retailers nationwide as a limited-edition product starting in July 2024. However, if you're feeling lucky (or fast), Cheez-It is currently selling limited daily allotments of new Cheez-It x Hidden Valley Ranch Crackers from the Cheez-It online store for $5.95 per 12.4-oz box. There is a free two-day shipping code you can use: "ILOVERANCHCHEEZIT". The early access sale runs through July 1, 2024.

The two brands previously worked together to produce Hidden Valley Ranch's Cheezy Ranch Condiment & Dressing, which was introduced in March of this year. With the new launch, superfans can put Cheezy Ranch on  Hidden Valley Ranch Cheez-It Crackers.

If you're wondering about the light color of the crackers, they're made with white cheddar instead of regular cheddar.

Photo via Cheez-It.

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