Mar 31, 2010

The Asia Trip: Dunkin Donuts Taiwan

A display of heart- and square-shaped Dunkin' Donuts in Taiwan
Dunkin Donuts in Taiwan is definitely tailored to more Asian tastes.  For one, they use less sugar and the dough ingredients seem to vary.  Some of the more locally-tailored offerings include kiwi-filled jelly donuts, sweet potato donuts, and pineapple donuts.  They range in price from 25 to 30 NT each (about 75 cents to $1).

I only tried a sample of a mochi donut (rice flour) so I can't say too much about the donuts but I took a shot of a couple of ones that looked interesting.  Now, it wasn't around Valentine's Day, so I don't know why they had so many heart-shaped donuts.  Maybe, they are popular to give to people you like?  As for the square ones, I have no clue at all.  They had your typical donuts as well.

While local competitor Mister Donut makes their donuts in each store, Dunkin' Donuts Taiwan saves money by making their donuts in regional factories and shipping them to most of their outlets which in my mind is pretty much like buying your donuts from the supermarket.  Come on!  There's nothing like the smell of freshly baked (or fried!) goods!

Where the focus of Dunkin' in the U.S. is now largely on coffee rather than donuts (so much so that their logo features a cup of coffee), the focus in Taiwan is very much on the donuts with around 60 different varieties.


  1. On the topic of coffee, a very popular coffee shop in Taiwan is one called 85ÂșC! I hope you were able to visit one during your trip and I am looking forward to that post if so!

  2. That is true about Dunkin Donuts. I just visited their webpage and it's all about buying coffee products -- no menu at all to even show what you can buy to eat in a store unless I completely missed it somehow (and I'm computer savvy).

  3. did you try any square shaped donuts? do they taste the same?

  4. @Anon: I actually had coffee at the same location of 85C twice actually but I didn't take any pictures... I think I tried their Hazelnut Cafe Latte and French-something or other and while good and a little cheaper than in the U.S., they both tasted the same.

    @Cue: yeah I tried (and failed) to find some donuts on their site too.

    @Tania: I did not try the square-shaped donuts unfortunately.

  5. To find products for sale in stores on the Dunkin Donuts site, go to About Us and under featured products or nutrition. Its a crappy site.

  6. @Meg: Thanks! I forgot about the nutrition part. It's a bit odd that Dunkin' Donuts doesn't list any donuts under "featured products" but only under "nutrition".

  7. square shaped donuts!! so cool!


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