Mar 20, 2010

What's on the Menu: McDonald's Chile

This wonderful edition of What's on the Menu takes us to the other America and the republic of Chile!  No hablo espanol?  Me neither!  Let's see what's featured at McDonald's Chile!
"El Placer del Momento" translates into something like "pleasure of the moment" i.e. the current featured burger.  The Bacon Mediterraeo features It is composed of "specially prepared bread, bacon, prime beef, tomato and mayonnaise."  I'm going to guess prime beef is a higher grade of beef like Angus.  I'm not sure how that is Mediterranean... maybe it's a Mediterranean-style roll?  Is there such a thing?  Sorry, I'm just thinking "Pita. Pita. Pita..."  750 Chile Peso is the equivalent of ~$1.40.

A McCafe Smoothie!  Something we won't get nationally until this summer.  The Chirimoya Durazno smoothie is made for Chilean tastes with a blend of peach and cherimoya.  The cherimoya also known as a "custard apple" is an interesting-looking green fruit native to Chile, Ecuador, and Peru.  It supposedly tastes like a "custardy blend of banana, pineapple, and strawberry note" according to Calimoya brand cherimoyas.
Mini Croissants?  Pretty much.  "Medias Lunas" means "half-moon"  As you can see, McDonald's Chile also has the full suite of McCafe offerings that we have in the U.S.
The Barros Jarpa looks like an inverted toasted hamburger bun with melted cheese and a slice of ham inside to me.  According to Wikipedia, "Barros Jarpa is a popular sandwich that includes ham and melted cheese. The name was coined in the restaurant of the National Congress of Chile where Minister Ernesto Barros Jarpa always asked for this sandwich."  Must be a pretty popular guy to have a sandwich named after him!

The McDonald's Chile version of the Fruit Parfait looks like it sandwiches layers of sliced strawberries and peaches between two layers of yogurt and tops it off with cereal.  The cereal doesn't quite look like granola so I assume it something different.
Morocha are a chocolate-covered cookie made by Nestle available in some parts of South America.  So the Morocha McFlurry is basically the South American version of an Oreo McFlurry in some ways..
You can also get Morochas on a soft serve cone!  This is the last of the featured items, next is a look at some of the more interesting regular menu items!
Other items of note, included the McNifica!  It's just McDonald's version of the Burger King Whopper with cheese except on a sesame bun but what a name huh?  I would order one just to say "Gimme a McNifica!"
I guess it's popular to have an Italian-themed item on the menu at McDonald's around the globe huh?  The McPollo (i.e. the McChicken) in Chile gets a sesame bun it looks like.  Moreover, Italian in Chile seems to mean mayo, blended avocado, and a slice of tomato.
Cheese Empanadas!  Definitely an localized item, it looks like it has a pretty think and crispy baked rather than fried crust.
Finally, McDonald's Chile has waffle cones... with strawberries!  Why don't we get waffle cones?!  They even Mc-named it in a grand fashion: the McColoso!

That's all for now folks!  Tune in next time!

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  1. These posts are so interesting! Please continue them :D

  2. The Italiano is indeed avocado, tomato and mayo; green, red and white as in the Italian flag. And as wonderful as McDonald's industrial food is, there is also real food in Chile.

  3. McNifica sounds like magnifica, or magnificent in Spanish, pretty clever naming.

  4. The McNifica is pretty delicious, but Santiago, and the rest of Chile has a lot better food to offer. And Jim is correct, the avacado, tomato and mayo are supposed to represent the green, red and white colors of the Italian flag.

  5. Haha, I'm pretty sure every country has much better regional cuisine to offer than McDonald's, it's more a familiarity/convenience thing.

  6. when you come to chile try our version of hot dogs or " completos", you gonna love those. but about mc' donalls, ell its kind of ok, unless you want to try real avocato.
    and a interesting note: if you go to a argentina , they use some fried egg's on the mc donnall's hamburgers.

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