Mar 19, 2010

Review: Jack in the Box - Natural Cut Fries

So I went to Jack in the Box intending to try their new fries but I failed horribly; my local Jack in the Box only had the old fries.  So here's my take on the outgoing Jack in the Box Natural Cut Fries which are billed as "lightly-salted, skin-on" fries and are sold in small, medium, and large sizes for: $1.39, $1.79, and $1.99 respectively.

My initial thought was: "Gyped!  They didn't even fill up the fry box!  What kind of large fries is this?!"  My second thought was: "Double Gyped!  These fries are lukewarm and have been sitting for too long!"  As you can guess, they didn't taste very good; not crispy at all, more than a little dry, and fairly flavorless.  We passed them around and no one cared for them.

I would have liked a better sample (i.e. fresher) of Jack in the Box Natural Cut Fries but you get what you get.  On the plus side, they are on the way out!  And good riddance!

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  1. I'm a massive fan of their Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger on sourdough, and the natural fries I've had have always been fresh and very crispy--I guess you just got screwed.

  2. Oh, and try going to your local Red Robin. I just got an e-mail about their Prime Chophouse Burger (w/ bottomless steak fries, of course) being only $6 until April 11th. The Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad is $6, too, but nobody cares about salads at Red Robin.

  3. I have tried these fries several times and they have ALWAYS been limp, and often cold. They are probably my least favorite fast food fries, even more than BK, which is something I never thought I would say. I certainly wish I could have tried them, just once, when they were fresh and crispy.

  4. @katie: Thanks for the tip! I haven't been to Red Robin in a long time though. Mostly because it's 30 minutes away and In N Out is so close!

    @PulledPorker: Yeah, they were probably the worse fries I've had in a long time.

  5. Pulled porker, the new fries are practically identical to that of BK. The old fries fries, the kind u had last are far superior provided you can actually obtain not only a fresh but appropriate portion of fries. What ever happened to them making the food upon you ordering it? I remember when the overall food quality at Jack in the box was wonderful especially for the price, yet it seems now the quality has decreased while price has done nothing but increase. I used to like the jumbo Jack, and their tacos, yum! But now? Just blah!!! I used to love Mickey d's fries but the new grease leaves a bad after taste and I never liked BK's, I almost consider them flavorless.

  6. Is a "limp" fry the same as a "flaccid" fry?



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