Mar 17, 2010

News: McDonald's Testing McBistro Chicken Sandwich

According to the Baltimore Sun, McDonald's is testing a chicken sandwich called the McBistro in the Omaha, Albuquerque, and the Greater Baltimore area.

The McBistro is being marketed as a bit of a choose-your-own premium chicken sandwich and features your choice of crispy or grilled chicken breast, a "thick slice" of tomato, leaf lettuce, white Cheddar cheese, and your choice of sauce in buttermilk ranch, chipotle BBQ, or honey mustard (i.e. the same sauces available for McDonald's Chicken Selects) on a "bakery-style" bun.  The tag they're going with is "Choose deliciously."

Update March 21: A reader confirmed that the McBistro is $3.39 and an extra 99 cents for bacon.  (I'm going to guess the $2.69 price I quoted from the McDonald's in Maryland was without cheese).

Here's my question:  Can't you already have things made the way you want it (to some degree) at most fast food restaurants?  I mean that's the focus of Burger King's current slogan: "Have it your way."

Still Curious?  Check out the review of the McBistro (with photos and a video of the local commercial) from the food diary of a reader via the following link.


  1. I was able to try the McBistro recently and it actually tastes pretty good. I got the grilled fillet with BBQ sauce and bacon. These sandwiches are just re-purposing of ingredients from other selections, but with bacon, BBQ, cheddar cheese, and a thick wheat bun, I was happy. By the way at the McDonald's I went to the sandwich cost $3.39 plus $.99 if you want bacon.

  2. @Austin: Thanks! I've updated the post accordingly.

  3. I've had the sandwich 5 times now, and have tried all the sauces on a crispy. Its awesomely good. I gotta admit, it's the bread and the white cheddar. Sauce is a little richer, like less watered down than the cups. Its $.89 if you want bacon, I've added it once, and it was good as well. The rest of country will appreciate this over the BK Chicken and possibly tall others.

  4. @Darius: The bread huh? I'm a bit curious as to what it's like now.

  5. I decided to try this the other day. I was not at all impressed. I got the crispy w/ ranch dressing (no bacon). The lettuce & tomato & ranch dressing were the best thing about it. But the chicken,..the chickenw, hich is what it's supposed to be about, had no real chicken flavor at all,. It did have a nice appearance and nice crispy outside. But the inside, the flavor, wasn't there & the inside looked processed & unnatural. I felt kind of sick after seeing what the inside looked like and after eating some of it. Chick-Fil-A has an awesome, delicious chicken sandwich & this is a poor, poor substitute. Doesn't taste real. Doesn't look real on the inside.


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