Mar 17, 2010

News: Taco Bell Testing "Take Home Taco Bar"

Taco Bell is testing a Take Home Taco Bar out in Louisville, KY according to QSRWeb.  The take home family meal features two trays with a total of six compartments containing: seasoned ground beef, refried beans, seasoned rice, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, reduced-fat sour cream and shredded cheese.  The meal also comes with salsa, tortilla chips, and 10 crunchy or soft tacos.

The price on the Take Home Taco Bar is $14.99 which is a little bit more buying 10 Taco Supremes depending on your locale.

Update March 21, 2010: Found a Twitpic of the Take Home Taco Bar (click the thumbnail to see the full size on Twitpic):

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Update March 19, 2010: It seems Taco Bell tested almost the same concept last year called the Fiesta Family Meal in Omaha, NE, Portand, OR, and Tustin, CA.  The only difference seems to be guacamole instead of salsa.

The Fiesta Family Meal featured: Heated seasoned ground beef; 10 crunchy taco shells or soft tortillas; real cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomatoes; sour cream and chunky guacamole; heated hearty beans and seasoned rice; and a side of chips. It was the same price at $14.99.

Among it's listed selling points were:
  • Made-to-order (it's not prepared until you ask for it) and ready within five minutes.
  • Packaged in a microwaveable tray designed to keep the ingredients separate.
  • Feeds a family of four for just $14.99 — that's less than $4 per person!
  • Is totally customizable — your family will love making their own unique taco combinations.

I found a couple of blogs with pictures of the Fiesta Family Meal as well:
OCMexFoodBlog - Photo of Fiesta Family Meal Poster (scroll halfway down)
Native American Momma - Actual photo and review of Fiesta Family Meal


  1. Tuesday the price is $12.99, all other days it's $16.99

  2. We are in louisville ky and just got this for the kids, out of curiosity. It was $14.99 and it's $12.99 on Tuesdays. The food was generous to my surprise!

  3. @Anon1: It looks like the base price varies with location. No surprise with a franchisee system.

    @Anon2: Yeah, it definitely looks like something kids would enjoy. Good to hear they give you plenty of food!

  4. I would probably pile on high the sour cream, and the shredded cheddar cheese.

    I absolutely looooooovvvvvveeeee sour cream and cheddar cheese.............yummyyy.

  5. It's probably more convenient for the workers as well since they just have throw the ingredients in trays instead of assembling each taco. This would be nice because you'd get it faster if they were busy. I like the idea.


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