Mar 1, 2010

Review: McDonald's - Sweet Tea

A current Dollar Menu promotion here in southern California, McDonald's Sweet Tea was first tested in these parts about the same time as the Southern Style Chicken Sandwich.  It features sweetened fresh-brewed black tea in a plastic 32-ounce cup for $1.

I like my iced tea with quite a bit of lemon, so just tea and sugar just doesn't quite cut it with me.  I'd rather have a Lipton Brisk but that's just me.  If you've ever wondered what Sweet Tea is, this is your chance.  I think they changed their formula a bit though, it used be sweeter, overpoweringly so but now it's only moderately sweet which I like better.  And if you like it with lemon like me, you can always squeeze some in.  They're suppose to serve it with a lemon wedge according to the southern California McDonald's website but I'm pretty sure I've never gotten one.

is Caring


  1. i've read stories of mcd's sweet tea filled entirely with just ice and you get very little amount of tea. essentially you are buying a cup of ice. how much tea was in yours?

  2. @Anon: About as much as a normal cup of soda. So no shortage of tea for me!

  3. The McDonalds I always get my sweet tea from has a sign that says lemon upon request. And yeah, I always ask for light ice or else they'll fill the sucker up.

  4. I've been drinking this almost daily and they really fill it up with ice. I always ask for light ice. And the location I go to has a sign that says lemon edges are on request only.

  5. @edjusted: Yeah, I heard about the excessive ice thing... it seems to vary with each location. They should just put out lemons by the sodas like In N Out!

  6. The problem now is trying to get UNsweetened tea. I once confirmed my order of unsweetened tea with five, count 'em FIVE requests and still drove away with that Godawful sweet crap.
    Combine that with irrational practice of charging .79 cents more for tea with no corn syrup.
    I'll just boil some water.

  7. You have to ask for lemon and they will put as much in as you want for free.   It even says so on your cup


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