Mar 24, 2010

News: Whataburger Gives Free Milk with Cookies

Milk and Cookies!  Texas-based fast food chain Whataburger is promoting their new Chocolate Chunk and Sugar cookies by offering free milk when you buy one of the aforementioned cookies.

When?: March 30 & 31 from 11am to 8pm

Where?: All Whataburgers. Whataburger Store Locator

Why?: You are the Cookie Monster and you like milk and cookies! Nom Nom Nom!  Or, you just happen to be at Whataburger that day.  The cookies are 79 cents each (price may vary).

Limits?: Up to four free milks per person per order.

Speaking of which... Why don't fast food chains (that carry cookies) have a milk and cookies combo?  Right?!

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