Mar 15, 2010

Review: In-N-Out - Secret Menu - Protein Style

Another "secret" menu item at In N Out, "Protein Style" means to get a burger without carbs (i.e. the bun), instead you get a shell of iceburg lettuce around your burger.  So a Double Double "Protein Style" is two all-beef hamburger patties, two slices of American cheese, onions, tomatoes, and "spread" (In N Out's version of Thousand Island) wrapped in hand-leafed lettuce.  It will run you the same as a regular Double Double at $2.99.

You can't see the tomato because I got mine without it.  The lettuce is not a bad trade off if you're looking to cut down on carbs.  It's a little bit wetter obviously but you still get the same great In-N-Out flavor.  The beef is charred and beefy and the cheese is nice and melted.
In-N-Out's cheese tastes a step above other fast food chains' cheese somehow and it's always melted because they cook it on the burger.  The lettuce and onion were crisp and fresh in typical In-N-Out fashion.  You can get your onions grilled or fresh; I opted for fresh this time around but I liked them grilled as well.

Still, in the end, I'd rather get my Double Double with a nice soft In-N-Out bun.  As I stated before, Protein Style is a good choice if you're watching your carbs.  It's also good if you want less calories in your burger or are allergic to gluten.  Do grab some extra napkins though; lettuce doesn't hold juices like bread does and it gives off some water of its own.

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  1. In N Out is indeed THE best fast food burger!

  2. In & Out menu price change very little, they still gave you the best value and quality burger and fries that many chain can't.  Only wish they restaurant is bigger and has more space, but this is how they able to delivery cost saving.


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