Mar 25, 2010

News: Carl's Jr. Introduces New Banana Chocolate Chip Shake

The latest additions to Carl's Jr.'s merry-go-round of limited-time shakes, and a mouthful to say, are the new Banana Chocolate Chip Hand-Scooped Ice Cream Shakes and Malts.

The shakes feature hand-scooped ice cream, milk, banana cream syrup, and chocolate flakes, blended together and topped with whipped topping.  The malts add malt powder to the mix.

Both items have a suggested retail price of $2.89 for a 16-ounce serving and are served in a clear plastic cup with a matching clear plastic domed lid.

Unless the Banana Chocolate Chip Shakes sell really well like the Big Carl, they'll be a limited time item.  Other shake flavors currently available at Carl's Jr are: chocolate, Oreo, strawberry, and vanilla.

I think I would like it better if they threw in an actual banana instead of syrup but who knows?

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